World in Consulting (Private) Limited: World in Consulting (WIC) was formed in 2011 to provide rapid response to the local and international client needs. Our office is located in the Islamabad Business Centre close to all major donors and government departments. The purpose of WiC is to enable fast and efficient mobilization of national and international consultants in Pakistan in response to local needs.

Our ethos is team work and we actively encourage partnership approaches both within the company and in our dealings as a company with national clients, international donors, consultants and national stakeholders.

WiC will provide timely and comprehensive backstopping to ensure that the Assignment is implemented smoothly. Backstopping plays an essential part to link the client, the donor and the Assignment team. It comprises number of tasks including the contractual functions, quality assurance, mobilisation and briefing of experts, emergency cover, IT support, report production, and financial/ procurement administration. The company is experienced in managing assignments in Pakistan and operate a rapid and effective regional and head office system to deal with any eventualities.

    WiC is driven by a professional attitude and a strong personal desire to develop sustainable locally driven solutions to the most pressing global issues articulated in the Millennium Development Goals:

    • Chronic poverty, hunger and vulnerability that affects 980 million of the world’s population (MDG Goal 1)
    • Achieve Universal Primary Education (MDG Goal 2)
    • Promote Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (MDG Goal 3)
    • Reduce Child Mortality (MDG Goal 4)
    • Improve Maternal Health (MDG Goal 5)
    • Environmental degradation accelerated by climate change (MDG Goal 7)
    • Fairer international terms of trade that promote greater equality and global prosperity (MDG Goal 8)
    • Greater efficiency, accountability and transparency in public services wherever they are delivered in the world (MDG Goal 9).